Be Vocal for your community and speak up about mental health
If you’re living with a mental illness, factors such as isolation, delayed care and inadequate community support can be barriers to living well. The Be Vocal partners invite you to get involved in helping to break down some of these barriers.

Whether or not you are living with a mental health condition or care about someone who does or simply just want to get involved, there are so many ways you can help. Advocacy often starts at home, so for some, the most important thing to do is to keep track of personal wellness goals or speak up in a support group or with a friend. For others, getting involved with legislative efforts or in programs designed to break down prejudice and raise community-based mental health support is the best path forward.

How you get involved is your choice. Just remember that your voice matters.


“I want to share my struggles with mental health so others will see that they're not alone in their fight, to see that recovery is possible, that there is hope out there no matter how bad life seems.”

– Jeff Fink, mental health advocate living with anxiety and depression and Beyond Silence cast member

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